Re-enable enters "Away" instead of "Available"?

"Peter Valdemar Mørch (Lists)" 4ux6as402 at
Wed Sep 9 04:53:11 EDT 2009



I have two computers that both are always on, and with Pidgin always 
running on both.

When I physically change location to "the other computer", Pidgin shows 
me a screen saying:
"Welcome back
2 accounts were disabled because you signed in from another location
(MSN and ICQ account icons)"

I then hit the Re-enable button, expecting to get "Available" at this 
new location. I end up as a mixture of "Available" and "Away" - my 
contacts see me as "Away" but pidgin shows me as Available.


After hitting Re-enable, the bottom of the "Buddy List" windows shows me 
as "Available" in the drop down status thingy, but I show up to my 
contacts as "Away". 1) They tell me, and 2) I've added myself as a 
contact for my MSN account so I can see myself in my buddy list too.

Now, to really be Available, I have to:
* Select "Away" from the status drop down menu
* Delete the default message
* Select "Available" from the status drop down menu
only then am I shown as "Available" to other users.

This only occurs if the machine I re-enable indeed has been idle for 
some time (e.g. I've been at work for 8 hours). Quickly renabling on two 
machines works fine.

   Is there a bug?

My expectation is that my status should be the same in the drop down 
status menu thingy and in the buddy list (which is the status my 
contacts actually see). I expect that this status should be "Available" 
after re-enabling, as I never manually set myself to be away.

Is this a realistic expectation? Is there a bug here?

I've been seeing this for a long time. Currently on Pidgin 2.6.1 on 
Ubuntu 8.10. My colleague on Windows is experiencing this too (no idea 
about his version, tho). I've tried unsuccessfully to find it via:

I'm be happy to file a bug report, just thought I'd ask first here.

Also the debug log contains all my contacts' details. Is there a simple 
way to anonymize it? I'm not thrilled about putting the details of all 
my contacts up on the net... Of course I can create a dummy user and 
replicate the scenario to create a debug log if that is what it takes 
and is needed.

Peter Valdemar Mørch

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