Suggest link to "query" instead of "search" on TipsForBugReports

Ethan Blanton elb at
Wed Sep 9 16:43:18 EDT 2009

at 2009-09-09T10:50+0200, "Peter Valdemar Mørch (Lists)" wrote:
> In searching for whether trouble I'm seeing was a known bug,  
> suggests that I use  
> .
> However, is *much* more useful (and  
> took a while for me to find). E.g. it lets you skip closed bug reports  
> which search does not.
> I'd therefore like to suggest that is  
> suggested instead of on  
> TipsForBugReports. If not "instead of", then at least "in addition to".

This is reasonable, so I did it.

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