GPL Violation

Marc Seiler mseiler at
Mon Sep 28 13:32:41 EDT 2009

On Mon, Sep 28, 2009 at 1:06 PM, Jeff Sadowski <jeff.sadowski at> wrote:
> Ok then yup it is. One reason not to use gpl code if you want to use a
> proprietary plugin.
> Maybe they can move their plugin to some other app.
> This seems kind of messed up for a unified messenger.
> Does the skype plugin follow the same fate?
> I would think you would maybe want to use some closed source apps
> (like some OCR program for maybe doing captcha for you, like for the
> yahoo rooms) with a plugin through pidgin. That same stipulation makes
> it impossible to do, right? Or could you get around it some how?
> Or maybe a closed source protocol(like for some sort of unreleased
> encryption) for an IM that would also fit the same fate, right?
> (I would think things like this exist and I am curious that is the
> only reason I ask)

Well the skype plugin itself is open and the source code is available
so the plugin does not violate like the mebeam plugin. If it was like
that pretty much every protocol but xmpp iirc would be in jeopardy.
You have to understand that regardless of if the protocol itself is
closed source and violates the gpl doesn't matter as long as the
plugin itself being used is open and doesn't violate the gpl. Like I
said pretty much every protocol used in pidgin is a closed source
backwards engineered protocols.

 Thank you,

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