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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Tue Apr 6 23:42:25 EDT 2010

On 04/06/2010 03:25 PM, Sadrul Habib Chowdhury wrote:
> I think i.p.p has been relatively stable most of the time recently; at
> least, I am pretty sure the stability of i.p.p hasn't been an issue for
> delaying releases in a very long time. Lack of developer time (and
> coordination, and interest?) is a far greater issue for releasing
> frequently, in my view. (For example, right now, I believe i.p.p is
> relatively stable, but have we considered when to release 2.7.0?)
> Cheers.
> Sadrul

Sadrul is absolutely correct here.  Developer time and interest is what's
killing us right now.  Yes, we've had stuff stagnate on im.pidgin.pidgin for a
while on several occasions, and we do need to get better at that.

As for a release for 2.7.0, I have a few more tweaks I want to make to the
Yahoo! prpls before we release.  I want to get our YAHOO_SERVICE_AUTHRESP to
look as close to the official clients as possible, which is going to take
another couple hours of work (probably about half an hour for coding and the
rest for testing).  I know what I need to do; I just need to sit down and *do*
it.  Once that's done, there are a few tickets that need addressing:

#3207: "Request nickname for authorization request" - relatively
self-explanatory, but I think we need to go a step beyond this and put a "Get
Info" button in if we can squeeze it in at the buddy list's default size.

#6744: "Wrong icon for new instant message" - I consider this important, even
though I generally hate artwork-related tickets.  The tray icons need to be
standardized across all sizes, particularly now that we are using a more modern
GTK+ widget that handles stuff correctly.

#10024: "GTK+ and Glib Minimum Version Requirements Changes" - just needs
Elliott to sign off on the tray icon being fully and correctly functional with
the GtkStatusIcon implementation (relative to the old eggtrayicon thing).

#11130: "DBUS: Cannot get PurpleAccount from PurpleConnection for
'connection_error' signal" - Needs to be reviewed, fixed if necessary and
applied.  Paul is the one who milestoned this, so direct questions to him.

#11348: "Display of PRIVMSG/NOTICE addressed to $$server, $#hostmask" - an IRC
deficiency that Ethan has essentially deemed Patches Welcome.  Not sure why this
is milestoned to 2.7.0.

Once all those are resolved, we should check with Daniel about whether further
win32 changes are necessary before considering string freeze and release.


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