Hacking weekend in Slovenia

Matevž Jekovec matevz.jekovec at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 16:34:05 EDT 2010

Hi guys.

My name is Matevz Jekovec and I'm a student of Faculty of computer 
science in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Me and my schoolmate are running the 
Linux courses for a few seasons now and we're organizing the first 
"hacking weekend" from 20.-22. August at our coastline, Piran.

Our team for the weekend consists of 2 students, 4 secondary-school 
pupils and 1 designer. We decided to work on the Pidgin video support 
for the three full days. For now we're plannig to work on the 
video/audio support for Windows, WebM codec implementation for video and 
multi-user video/audio conference. We'll split to three groups, two 
developers per group - similar to extreme programming in pairs.

The tickets for our issues were already reported some time ago:

The idea at the end of the weekend is to publish usable Pidgin packages 
with the new features, although the patches might not been accepted 
(yet) to the trunk (let it be libpurple, pidgin, farsight or gstreamer).

I would like to know, if there is any recent activity or plans 
concerning the mentioned features (and MTN branches, we should check 
out)? Otherwise, we would take the latest 2.7.2 tarball and send patches 
against this version?

Best wishes.

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