GSoC pencils-down date approaching

Elliott Sales de Andrade qulogic at
Sun Aug 8 18:18:02 EDT 2010

Hi GSoC students (and other interested parties),

In case you are not aware, the GSoC soft pencils-down date is
tomorrow. Following that, the hard deadline is August 16. This
deadline is set by Google, and I see no reason why there would be any

I don't believe Google will be extensively testing your code, but you
should get things in order by then. There are no specific requirements
from Google, so you should discuss with your mentor for what they are

In order to get some exposure, I also suggest that you write some sort
of blog post or document summarizing your work. If you don't have a
blog, you can ask your mentor to post it. We're all syndicated on our
planet as well as Planet IM. This could also help your mentor in
evaluations (and you all want to pass, right?).

Now of course, there will be no monetary reason for you to stay, but
we encourage you to continue your work until it's complete (unless you
happen to be amazing and finished it already!) or to even become a
developer yourself. The point of GSoC is to get people interested in
open source, so even if you don't continue, please try to stay around
and contribute to ours or other projects.

Elliott aka QuLogic
Pidgin developer

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