Implementation of VP8/WebM in XMPP video chat

Yann yannubuntu at
Mon Aug 23 21:45:01 EDT 2010

>We set to ourselfs 3 main goals:
> - implementing WebM to XMPP video chat
> - Audio/video support for Windows
> - implement conference/multiuser video chat

Hi Alec,
your 3 goals are great, I really hope you will succeed.
As Paul pointed out, WebM seems to require "standardised RTP
payloading" -> i wonder if the reason is Google who did not give yet
all informations about WebM. I asked the question on , let's
follow this.

Concerning Audio/video support for Windows, that would be great on
Pidgin (see Ekiga has
already Audio/video support for Windows (for SIP, not XMPP), so maybe
looking its code could help ? Another solution to get XMPP audio/video
support on Windows would be to port Telepathy (Empathy's framework) to
Windows  : .

Concerning conference/multiuser video chat, that would also be great
on Pidgin. Muji (kind of Empathy addon, see can already do it with
XMPP, so maybe you could first help to improve Muji, or/and take
inspiration on Muji's code to do the same for Pidgin ?

Please keep me informed of your project.

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