Unable to pull data using Monotone

harsh gidra gidraharsh at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 10:45:13 EST 2010

I was going through *Getting Started with Pidgin monotone *as mentioned in
When I type

mtn -d $DATABASE pull --set-default mtn.pidgin.im "im.pidgin.*"

I get the following and I am unable to pull data. Please help.

root at debian:/home/harsh/monotone_databases# mtn -d pidgin.mtn pull
--set-default mtn.pidgin.im "im.pidgin.*"
mtn: setting default server to mtn.pidgin.im
mtn: setting default branch include pattern to 'im.pidgin.*'
mtn: setting default branch exclude pattern to ''
mtn: doing anonymous pull; use -kKEYNAME if you need authentication
mtn: connecting to mtn.pidgin.im
mtn: network error: failed to connect: Connection refused

Thanks and regards,
Harsh Gidra
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