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Nader Morshed morshed.nader at
Tue Dec 7 19:18:58 EST 2010

Hello pidgin development community,

Recently I found interest in the pidgin project and thought I'd help out with something that's bugged me for a long time: pidgin freezing up when loading logs. I asked around a little about it on #pidgin, familiarized myself with using monotone, and grabbed a copy of the repository to begin work.

One thing that was mentioned on the IRC channel was previous efforts in a GSoC project to allow for remote logging, which included, as a part, making the logging system non-blocking.

At the moment, I've taken a lot of that project's work into my own branch, but made efforts to get it working, keep it compatible with 2.x without breaking the API/ABI, and preset an API similar to GIO's, using GAsyncResults/GAsyncReadyCallback. It's not yet stable/fully done, due to strange crashes that I have yet to resolve and conflicting time commitments with college finals approaching, but I'm wondering if I would be able to have my monotone key added to pidgin's repository so I can push my past and future changes there as well as contribute the odd patch to im.pidgin.pidgin, such as one to fix a recent break in compilation on windows (Cairo's libraries were not being linked)

My monotone public key is currently: 4758e9e17f33246758a3c2cdc2684a02655d03e3 nader.morshed at

Nader Morshed <morshed.nader at>
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