libpurple googletalk connection and buddy add issues with msn

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Thu Dec 16 13:22:05 EST 2010

Just an update to save everyone time.


Add buddy is working on google but for some reason the new msn account
doesn't want to play. In fact I'm not sure if its not just an msn issue full
stop as I've added a buddy via msn messenger and not a lot seemed to happen.

I finally worked out google talk is prpl-jabber, I had tried it but what
threw me was I kept getting a sig fault and indeed I still do whenever I use
the incorrect password for msn or google. See below. Can't really work out
what is causing this.


I use


PurpleAccount *gmailaccount = purple_account_new("xxx at",

purple_account_set_password(gmailaccount, "yyy);


purple_account_set_enabled(gmailaccount, UI_ID, TRUE);


The signals catch the error below but then the program seg faults.


All that is after those lines is g_main_loop_run(loop);


I've tried commenting out all the signals but the seg fault still happens.


Any ideas?




Disconnected: "xxx at" (prpl-jabber)

Error: 2

Reason: Not Authorized

Connection disconnected: "xxx at" (prpl-jabber)

Error: 203792352

Segmentation fault



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I'm new here so apologies if I've missed something. I've written a libpurple
client over the last couple of days and all is working pretty well however I
have a couple of questions I can't seem to find the answer to by looking
through the mailing list archive, on google or in the source.


Firstly what is the correct account connection string for googletalk (msn is
prpl-msn), for that matter what are all the valid ones.


               PurpleAccount *account = purple_account_new("me at",


Secondly I've been using msn ok, if I use an existing account I have had a
long time I can send messages using my client without an issue and receive


If however I use a new msn account I don't seem to be able to do anything.


If I add a new buddy using it the buddy never gets a request and it doesn't
appear on the accounts buddy list when I log on using msn messenger. Buddies
I add via msn messenger do however appear in my client when I next use it.


I'm doing the following to add a new buddy..


               buddy = purple_buddy_new(account,"me at",NULL);

               purple_blist_add_buddy(buddy, NULL, NULL, NULL);



I'm assuming this will case a request to be sent to the buddy so they can
add or reject me.


Any help greatly appreciated and if there is somewhere I can find out all
this for myself please point me in the correct direction and accept my




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