libpurple googletalk connection and buddy add issues with msn

Daniel Atallah daniel.atallah at
Thu Dec 16 13:30:26 EST 2010

On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 13:22, Duncan Berriman <duncan at> wrote:
> Just an update to save everyone time.
> Add buddy is working on google but for some reason the new msn account
> doesn’t want to play. In fact I’m not sure if its not just an msn issue full
> stop as I’ve added a buddy via msn messenger and not a lot seemed to happen.
> I finally worked out google talk is prpl-jabber, I had tried it but what
> threw me was I kept getting a sig fault and indeed I still do whenever I use
> the incorrect password for msn or google. See below. Can’t really work out
> what is causing this.

Without a backtrace, it is going to be really difficult to say why you
may be crashing.


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