libpurple buddy add issues with msn

Duncan Berriman duncan at
Fri Dec 17 14:42:40 EST 2010



I am trying to add a buddy using libpurple with msn.


I'm doing the following to add a new buddy..


               buddy = purple_buddy_new(account,"buddy at",NULL);

               purple_blist_add_buddy(buddy, NULL, NULL, NULL);



code works fine with googletalk but on msn the buddy never receives the
request and the buddy is not added to the msn buddy list.


Using version 2.7.7 on centos 5.5


Any ideas why this is not working as I'm stumped. I've even created a brand
new msn account for my client to connect and the only thing it has attempted
to do is sign on (with success) and add a buddy (seemingly with success but
nothing happens). As I mentioned above same code with google works first




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