Help wanted on finch/pidgin port

Michael Farr mikefarr at
Mon Dec 27 15:59:52 EST 2010

Hello Pidgin developers.  

I am looking to hire someone to bring up Finch/libpurple on Linux4SAM running on an Atmel ARM9SAM10 eval board and sending and receiving audio over a USB connection.  I think this will take a week or two full time and could lead to a longer gig. Rate: $65 to $125/hour commensurate with experience.  

If I can't find anyone, I can try to do it myself but I'm an iPhone/ObjC programmer and I have a feeling the learning curve is pretty steep even before I get to libpurple -- so I'd still like to hire someone to baby sit me at the beginning.  

	Familiar with Open Embedded (OE).  
Nice to haves:
	Experience with ARM9SAM10/Linux4Sam development.
	Familiarity with libpurple.  
	Familiarity with XMPP

If this seems like a possible fit, send me an email and tell me a little about your experience and skills.  

MIke Farr
mikefarr at

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