Plans for Pidgin 2.7.10

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Dec 27 20:44:12 EST 2010

Hey, guys,

Since I just kicked 2.7.9 out the door last night, I figure it makes sense to
formulate a plan for 2.7.10.  Barring any security issues, this is what I'd like
to see:

Branch merge window: Open now, closes 2011-01-07.  Bug fixes should continue
after the merge window closes.

String freeze: Start 2011-01-22, translator deadline of 2011-01-29.  Bug fixes
that do not require string changes should still continue.

Planned release date: 2011-01-30.  String freeze ends once v2.7.10 tag appears

If any security issues come up prior to the start of string freeze, they should
be fixed by a quick 2.7.10 branched from the v2.7.9 tag and including only the
security fix and other important bug fixes.  In this case, I'd prefer to stick
to the same timeline for 2.7.11.  If a security issue comes up during string
freeze, I'd like to shoot for the same release date, but we could push it back
if necessary.


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