pidgin: 94f37ea0: Show tooltip for ellipsized tab titles.

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Feb 8 11:37:25 EST 2010

On 02/08/2010 11:23 AM, Daniel Atallah wrote:
>> Is it possible to bump just the version of pango that WinPidgin is built
>> against, without breaking support for Gtk 2.0?
> Doesn't using a Pango 1.16 specific function break GTK+ 2.0
> compatibility on all OSes?

Probably, but we already broke 2.0 compatibility and have bumped requirements to
2.4 until we release 2.7.0, where requirements are higher.  The safest bet here
is to handle it with ifdef's for now and make it always show a tooltip when
pango is too old, until we can kill support for GTK+ and friends released prior
to 2008 (or better, kill all 2.x support when 3.0 comes out).


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