MultiWindowProtocol Plugin

Sergio Andres Rivera Polanco sergiorivera88 at
Tue Feb 23 10:56:25 EST 2010

Hi all...

In University we presented an "utopic" idea for creating a pidgin plugin in
which we could allow people who have a yahoo account and a hotmail one to
talk in the same window. Actually pidgin let us to add several accounts, but
if I want to make a group conversation with some people that uses Yahoo
Messenger, and another one that uses MSN Messenger, I can't do it...

My question, (Or suggestion???) is that if there is any possibility of doing
this with pdigin. If exists a plugin that do this I'm thinking, or if I have
to create it. My knowledge about protocols and sending and receiving
messages is poor, but isn't a problem, I only want to know if I can do this,
how difficult it is, and which source codes may I read in order to
understand a little bit more about pidgin's functionality..


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