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Daniel Atallah <daniel.atallah at> wrote:

> This sounds like a sound approach to me.

Thanks for your reply, I'm happy to read that :)

> I'm a little confused by part of your diagram though; it appears to
> have the libpurple and GUI communicating via DBus (not just the
> libpurple (remote mode) connection to the libpurple (normal mode)).
> Am i misunderstanding that?  Why is this necessary - it seems like an
> unnecessary second level of abstraction.

Oh yes, my diagram is indeed confusing. GUI <-> libpurple communication
isn't done via DBus but the normal way (function call or callback).
Actually I wanted to show the complete path of a call or event, from GUI
to daemon's libpurple. And especially that libpurple in remote mode is
just routing (most of) the calls and events to the other end.

I updated the diagram accordingly:

Since I found a way to automate the encryption/authentication part,
DBus now becomes a very good choice for the IPC of this project. I
stick to it.

		-- Gilles
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