GSoC - Ameya 's proposal

Jan Ferko julyloov at
Mon Mar 22 15:46:02 EDT 2010

Hi, I am 2nd year undergraduate student of computer science at Masaryk
University of Brno. I would like to participate on Google Summer of Code.
Since i use pidgin as my primary IM client . I would like to contribute and
improve it. I read list of ideas at website. And i really like Improving
MySpace project, but i also got idea to implement Twitter plugin for pidgin
and maybe plugin for other protocols with public specification (i am not
that good in reverse-engineering) . As you can see my idea is very similar
to Ameya' s.
So I would like to ask if there is a possibility to work on such plugins for
two students and who i should ask for more information or help.

Thanks for response.

Jan Ferko,
FI MUNI , Brno
julyloov at
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