UI improvements in the xmpp room list dialog

naw lambda512 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 23 18:28:23 EDT 2010

Hi, I have several ideas fot user interface improvements in the xmpp room list 

Currently, in xmpp when you want to see the room list, you have to open the 
room list dialog, and then open another dialog to introduce the conference 
server address. I think that it would be more usable to have a text box in the 
main dialog like Psi or Gajim.

I think that it would be better to get the list from the current server 
automatically. Although in some servers with lots of rooms could be slow. I'm 
thinking on jabber.org... but it seems to be a server bug

Both points are also applicable to the service discovery plugin.

The third problem is, the node of the server where the user has an account 
seems to be autodiscovered (i.e. I have an account on jabberes.org, and in the 
address dialog I see conf.jabberes.org which is the MUC server) The problem is 
when I want to go to another server and I don't know the MUC server address 
(e.g. I know that the jabber.org server exists, but I don't know that the MUC 
address is conference.jabber.org)

I think that the right thing will be to allow the user to put the server name 
(e.g. jabber.org), pidgin detects if its a MUC server or the main server. If 
is the main server, autodiscover the correct address and rewrites it in the 
address textbox.

Right now, the user has to use the service discovery plugin (which needs to be 
activated previously) to see which is the MUC server address. By the way, from 
the service discovery there doesn't seem to be a way to join a room without 
adding it to the contact list.

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