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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Mar 25 10:38:09 EDT 2010

On 03/25/2010 04:18 AM, Mark Doliner wrote:
>> Yes i also tried with that way.
>> But this prob is arrived.
> That's weird.  I'm able to log in using an account in Pidgin.
> --Mark

If you check your yahoo mail for this address and read the welcome message, is
there a link in it to "activate" your account?  If so and you haven't already
done so, follow the link and instructions for activating the account.  (I can't
remember if Yahoo was the service that used to do this or not.)  Also, can you
sign into Web Messenger with this account?  If not, you need to figure out how
to make that work before you can use Pidgin.


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