GSOC idea

Viktor Lofgren vlofgren at
Thu Mar 25 17:46:23 EDT 2010

Hello. My name is Viktor Lofgren, and I'm a physics major from Sweden. I am
indeed another GSOC-hopeful bogging down the mailing list.

I have a kinda neat idea I've been playing around with for a while: A plugin for
local-network presence announcement. It would naturally not be enabled by
default, and require both ends to have it enabled to do anything. But what it
would do would basically be something like send out a broadcasted packet
requesting a reply from anyone running the plugin with their IM handle and
possibly some sort of description or whatever.

I think it would be very useful functionality for anyone on a reasonably big
network, on an open wireless network, and so on.

Does this pique anyone's interest, or is it back to the drawing board for me?

- Viktor Lofgren

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