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I'm very interested in doing one of the GSOC projects proposed on the
page. It's the "libpurple detachable sessions". Before sending you my
application with detailed stuff about me and the project, I would like
to briefly present myself and have some primary feedback from the
pidgin devs.

I'm a 21 years-old french student, free software lover, user and coder
since nearly 6 years. I've studied 2 years in computing, and 2 years in

As I understand the detachable sessions project, the goal is to have :
- libpurple running as a deamon, managing silently all the IM accounts
- zero or more instances of libpurple based programs running on the
  same machine, each connected with the daemon and synced.

As this seems pretty feasible to me, I would like to propose to extend
this project in the following way: having clients and the daemon
talking remotly, from different machines. Roughly just like MPD
works. After digging into some part of pidgin's code, I understand that
currently the libpurple client must stay on the same system that the
deamon. For instance, the avatars are generated by libpurple in
~/.purple/icons/ which gives directly the pixbuf to the UI client. Or
file transferts would need to first exchange the file with the daemon.

So it seems more challenging. But I like challenges :) That's why I
would do what you've proposed firstly (minimum goal), and then the
remote stuff if I got the time to do it.

Feel free to poke me (gillux) on #pidgin if you want :)

		-- gillux
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