GSOC "libpurple detachable sessions" project

Will Thompson will at
Tue Mar 30 04:42:51 EDT 2010

On 30/03/10 05:47, Ka-Hing Cheung wrote:
> I think that's a pretty cool idea. In your application you may want to
> mention what other RPC background you have. Also maybe look into
> telepathy-haze to see what problems they faced when trying to wrap RPC
> around libpurple, and see what kinds of API changes libpurple would need
> to better accommodate those usages.

FWIW, the biggest problems for Haze are the request and notification UI 
ops. Interestingly, the Palm people had the same problem with their 
headless D-Bus daemon wrapping libpurple: they couldn't hook up the 
request UI ops, and so when libpurple tries to show an SSL certificate 
confirmation dialogue, the connection process just hangs silently.


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