GSOC "libpurple detachable sessions" project

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Wed Mar 31 12:49:27 EDT 2010


I'm currently writing my application, and I would like to tell you how
I manage to design this project, just to make sure I'm not going
entirely wrong.

              +------------------+     +---------------------------+
IM servers<-->[libpurple] Daemon |<--->[ libpurple in  ]           |
              +------------------+     [detachable mode] UI Client |

The libpurple would be modified so that it could be used in 2 modes:
current mode ("standalone") by default, and detachable mode. There would
be 2 instances of libpurple: the one in the daemon using standalone
mode, and the one in the client using detachable mode. The detachable
mode consists of showing the regular API to the client but
transparently routing its calls and the events to/from the daemon.
Ideally, the UI client would only have to tell its libpurple to act in
detachable mode and then to use it as usual.

"Real remote" extra work (which I havn't well investigated yet) would
requires to adapt things like file transfers and audio/video streams.

		-- gillux
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