Анатолий Стяпшин myiqnegative at gmail.com
Thu May 20 00:47:58 EDT 2010

hello, I have one little question about libpurple:

I call:

   1. *serv_get_info()*

when I recieve user_info:

   1. static void * *notify_userinfo(*PurpleConnection *gc, const char *who,
   PurpleNotifyUserInfo *user_info) {
   2.     purple_notify_user_info_destroy(user_info);
   3.     return 0;
   4. }

and it fails:

   1. ** (process:27702): CRITICAL **:
   purple_notify_user_info_entry_destroy: assertion `user_info_entry != NULL'

not even:

   1. if(user_info) {
   2.     purple_notify_user_info_destroy(user_info);
   3. }


I am receiving user_info, it is not NULL, I can get some values in it, but I
cant delete it in proper way. What am I doing wrong? Please help
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