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Mon May 10 16:58:33 EDT 2010

On Mon, May 10, 2010 at 1:38 PM, F Wolff <friedel at> wrote:
> Op So, 2010-05-09 om 22:04 +0200 skryf Bjoern Voigt:
>> Ambrose LI wrote:
>> > I wonder if there's any official guidance as to what the following
>> > terms might actually mean (i.e., some guidance as to the specific
>> > nuances in mind), as the source doesn't seem to say much about these
>> > strings:
>> >
>> > - OSCAR statuses: "Evil", "Depression", "Surfing" (same as Web Browsing?)
>> > - Moods (many seem to have ambiguous / similar / non-obvious
>> > meanings): "Amorous", "Aroused", "Depressed" vs "Dejected", "Grateful"
>> > vs "Thankful", "Spontaneous", "Strong", etc.
>> yes, this is a problem. In German for instance "Grateful" and
>> "Thankful" has the same translation. Anyway, the user should have
>> two different mood descriptions in the XMPP mood list dialog.
>> You can find some hints about the moods directly in the XMPP PEP
>> specification:
>> XEP-0107: User Mood
>> Greetings,
>> Björn
> Ok, this is interesting!
> Does anyone have a screenshot?  I'd like to see how this choice is
> presented (is it part of a string, or does the user just see "Mood:"?)
> I have one translation that is very long  (39 characters) that I guess
> might not fit. Also, I'd like to see how "Undefined" is used.

I've attached a screenshot of how they're displayed for ICQ.  XMPP is
the same.  There is a little icon in the buddy list, and the text
"Mood: Surfing" in the tooltip.

My guess would be that "Surfing" is supposed to mean "web surfing the
internet."  But the icon we display in that case is a guy on a
surfboard on water.  So either I'm wrong or the icon is wrong.  I
tried looking for these moods in ICQ 7.1 but could not find them.
Does anyone know if this feature even still exists in ICQ 7.1?

I don't really understand the purpose of "Mood: Undefined."  It
provides little extra information to your buddies.  Mostly the word
"undefined" makes it look broken to me.

You can test the "moods" feature by signing on with an XMPP or ICQ
account and selecting "Tools-->Set Mood."  The moods in the dialog
don't seem to be listed alphabetically, but probably should be.

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