Plans for 2.7.1

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed May 12 12:56:40 EDT 2010

Hey, guys,

Since I'm planning to release Pidgin 2.7.0 tonight (barring any major issues),
here's what I'd like to do for 2.7.1:

One-week merge window starting tomorrow (2010-05-13) and ending the following
Thursday (2010-05-20).
  * Currently we have MXit changes that should be merged.
  * Masca has committed some notification unification that should be reviewed
and possibly merged during this window.
  * Any other outstanding branches, such as the jingle FT branch--is that ready
yet, and is it mergeable for 2.7.x, or does it need new API?

Following the one-week window, string freeze again for an ideal release date of
Thursday, 2010-05-27.

Any objections?


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