Windows-specific ChangeLog

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed May 19 18:18:17 EDT 2010

Currently Daniel is maintaining a ChangeLog.win32 file in the source tree that
lists Windows-specific changes that he's made.  These changes are rarely more
than four or five bullet points.  The only problem with doing things this way is
that if I'm an idiot and forget (like I did for 2.7.0) to put those changes on
the ChangeLog wiki page (, then we
have users missing out on information they really should see.  To remedy this, I
propose that we quit using ChangeLog.win32 and instead include a
"Windows-Specific Changes" in our ChangeLog file.

What benefit does this give us?
  * One less file to touch pre/post-release
  * One less file to copy entries from to the ChangeLog wiki page
  * Hopefully less confusion for Windows users

Any objections to starting this with 2.7.1?


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