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Wed May 19 17:50:49 EDT 2010


>> The profile attribute is just "Title", not "Job Title".
> We actually made this change to disambiguate the string.  There is another
> instance of the string "Title" that has a different meaning from what would
> appear in a user's profile.  Is there perhaps a more fitting string we could
> use, such as "Salutation" instead?  This is really just to make translation
> easier for both us as Pidgin maintainers and for our translators, who really
> have a difficult time with ambiguous strings like this.

We currently define "Title" to be values like Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc.
Checking Wikipedia these are supposedly called Honorifics.

Then for a job title we have a "Role" (CEO, Chief Bottle-Washer, etc).

Looking at the XMPP VCard I see they have both a "Job Title" and a "Role" field.

  Andrew Victor

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