Trac recognizing duplicate bugs on bug submission

Daniel Atallah daniel.atallah at
Thu May 20 14:12:00 EDT 2010

On Wed, May 19, 2010 at 21:30, Craig Harding <craigwharding at> wrote:
> Is there a way that an intermediate page could be introduced into trac
> once the user has submitted a bug? It could show a list of existing
> bugs that would match keywords from their bug submission. If there was
> an existing bug that had a good match to the user's bug submission
> they could skip that submission of the new bug and look at the
> existing bug.
> I tried searching the list for previous emails on this but I wasn't
> really sure what this 'bug matching' would be called.

I suspect it would be possible to implement this via a trac plugin,
but I haven't seen any existing plugins that do that. has a somewhat
similar goal, but wouldn't change the workflow, just try to help the
user by popping up suggested duplicates.  I'm not sure how good it is.


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