Plans for Pidgin 2.7.5

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Fri Nov 12 23:00:27 EST 2010

On 10/21/2010 01:31 PM, John Bailey wrote:
>  * Two week merge window starting now and ending on 2010-11-03.  In this time
> any branches that don't touch API should be merged.  This would include MSNP16
> or the MSN SoC branch if either or both are merge-ready for i.p.p.
>  * One week of bug fixing, patching, etc. starting 2010-11-04 and ending
> 2010-11-09.  During this time no new merges are allowed.
>  * One week string freeze while additional bug fixing, patching, etc. that does
> not affect translatable strings occur.  String freeze should start on 2010-11-10
> with a hard deadline of 2010-11-17, 23:59:59 US Eastern.  Any translations
> submitted after this date are to be ignored until 2.7.5 is tagged and released.
>  Again, during this window, no new merges allowed.
>  * Release 2.7.5 on 2010-11-18.
>  * Consider moving to 2.8.0 for next release.
> Of course this plan is contingent on there not being any security issues
> discovered.  Security issues, if discovered, will necessitate rethinking this
> plan, potentially with a 2.7.5 that contains only security fixes and the current
> plan being shifted for 2.7.6, with 2.8.0 consideration afterward.

Clearly this plan went out the window due to the need to rush out 2.7.5 for the
AIM and ICQ bugs.  MSNP16 is already merged, and I'm not aware of anything else
that's merge-ready, so I'm going to call the merge window closed unless there
are any objections.

I'd like to aim for announcing a string freeze Sunday, giving the translators
until Saturday to get their translations in, then cutting a release on Sunday


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