[ICQ/AIM] Possibly fix for broken privacy lists in some accounts (tickets #9034, #12549)

dzlists at arcor.de dzlists at arcor.de
Sat Nov 13 16:18:22 EST 2010

[Concerning broken ssi item/buddy lists in AIM/ICQ, and having buddy lists'
content dumped to the debug log]


Paul Aurich schrieb:
> On 2010-10-10 17:27, D. Gathmann wrote:
>> (Related to tickets #9034, #12549 and fix
>> http://developer.pidgin.im/viewmtn/revision/info/46797f86bb26f4b4c73cd408387c3f5ca9caccca)
> <snip/>
>> --- broken #1 -------
>> (00:24:14) oscar: ssi: About to add a deny
>> (00:24:14) dump: gid=0x0000     bid=0x0000      list_type=0x0001        name='(null)'
> <snip/>
> I can honestly say I didn't follow most of this (I'd have to go look up
> all the type values, and the feedbag has always been opaque to me), but
> I have a sneaking suspicion that having debug code to generate this
> output in libpurple itself would be handy (either only at login or
> protected by a check on purple_debug_is_verbose() ... or both)

Sorry for replying after such a long time.

I also think having such output is very useful, esp. for those "Unable to
add the buddy ..." bugs.

In the case of this error the most important (and maybe sufficient)
information would be the gid and bid of the entry that just failed (a lot
of the output in my former posts is redundant.)

I've tried to make a less messy version of my modifications and put them
into a patch (see attachment, patch is against pidgin-2.7.5devel).

1. parsedata():
On login the buddy list data dumped is read from the server's tlvlist.
This way, inconsistencies before/after syncing local and server list can be

2. aim_ssi_sync():
Whenever an item is added/deleted/modified there's a one line output, e.g.
"Adding item gid=0x0002  bid=0x0005 etc."

... in addition to that (if purple_debug_is_verbose()):
Another dump of the item list, this time from the list stored in ssi.local

The patch is somewhat lengthy for what it does. Maybe the
aim_ssi_type_to_string() stuff for list_type names should be spared.



PS: Should I also submit the patch to the trac database?
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