OSCAR Account Option "Server"

John Bailey rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org
Tue Nov 23 01:17:18 EST 2010

Hey, guys,

As I'm sure is already painfully obvious, Pidgin 2.7.6 has "broken" AIM
with the default settings.  As it turns out, it's because the code that
determines whether to change the login server the user has specified did
not take into account the most recent default server prior to 2.7.4
(login.messaging.aol.com).  I have fixed this.

The fix for this issue brought up a discussion point in the XMPP MUC
that I'd like some more developer feedback on.  The default server for
AIM has been relatively stable (only two values in all the time I can
remember, both of which still work).  Is there really a reason to
provide the user the opportunity to change this server?  I'm not aware
of any non-AOL, non-whoever-owns-ICQ servers that implement OSCAR, and
even if there were, our implementation is obviously entirely AIM and ICQ

The only reasons I can see to keep the field around are:
 * Theoretical third-party OSCAR server
 * Future server change
 * Fear of user complaints

I've already covered the third-party server bit above.  As far as a
future server change goes, this could be problematic anyway, as the
current code changes the server on the user based on the value of the
account option relating to the use of SSL.  And we can field user
complaints about the change.  We've already done this with the yahoo
server field removal, the prpl icon to status icon change, the input
area autoresize change, etc.

So, thoughts?

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