Outstanding crashes

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Mon Nov 22 05:51:20 EST 2010

On Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 11:19 PM, Paul Aurich <paul at darkrain42.org> wrote:
> On 2010-10-07 04:18, Florian Quèze wrote:
>> Libpurple has been upgraded from 2.6.6 (which was used for Instantbird
>> 0.2) to 2.7.3 in nightly builds of Instantbird about two weeks ago, so
>> the crash data that we collect may be relevant again to you.
>> Our crash reports database can be queried at
>> http://crash-stats.instantbird.com/query
>> I've checked the data this morning and if we except the uninteresting
>> reports (very old versions, crashes in plugins that we know nothing
>> about, ...) and the netsoul plugin crashes (already fixed, the bug was
>> trivial), we are currently seeing at least 2 (or 3) crashes in
>> libpurple that probably deserve some attention: 1 (or 2) new crashes
>> in MSN (may be somewhat related to upnp) and one in oscar, that was
>> already in libpurple 2.6.6.
>> - the oscar plugin crashes in flap_connection_destroy_cb:
>> http://crash-stats.instantbird.com/report/index/40bbf7ab-0ea3-4e96-9dc0-6dbf62101001
>> For more similar stacks, see
>> http://crash-stats.instantbird.com/report/list?product=Instantbird&query_search=signature&query_type=exact&query=&date=&range_value=2&range_unit=weeks&process_type=all&plugin_field=&plugin_query_type=&plugin_query=&do_query=1&signature=g_slist_remove
>> Some variations:
>> http://crash-stats.instantbird.com/report/index/d447ebe8-d025-4b3b-8b9a-964a32100924
>> http://crash-stats.instantbird.com/report/index/5c95337a-21e3-4f75-938a-b25222100929
>> The crashes that are in version 0.2 of Instantbird are with libpurple
>> 2.6.6, the less-than-two-weeks-old crashes of version 0.3a1pre are
>> with libpurple 2.7.3.
>>>From what I've been told by users, this crash happens mostly when a
>> laptop wakes up from sleep and is connected to a different network.
>> It seems flap_connection_destroy_cb is called from a timeout after the
>> connection has already been destroyed.
>> I've already shown this crash in #pidgin a few months ago and it was
>> suggested that https://hg.instantbird.org/instantbird/rev/f2d45147098b
>> may fix it, but the crash reports we are still getting show it still
>> isn't fixed.
> That was me (both with the commit and suggestion in #pidgin).  It
> definitely fixes one version of the patch, but the original ticket
> predates the addition of SSL support for OSCAR, so clearly there's
> another issue going on there.  (I'm staring at the code and just not
> seeing how the crash is possible...)
> I just committed bc9c4bb89eb6d36c548b61d8b1e6b8952b9c4c0e (trivial
> printing out of pointer values), which will be helpful in correlating
> where the timeout is coming from.  Logs+backtrace from this crash with
> that patch would be awesome!

I just committed 6e8da78b6e5ccdafa85c8afebff37e426d9a58d3, which I
hope will fix this.


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