Problems Downloading Source

Dharmesh Bhatt dharmesh.bhatt2 at
Thu Oct 7 21:57:51 EDT 2010

Hi All,
I am trying to download the Pidgin source to develop add ons. The link to
download the source lead to the page for Pidgin, which said
that the files could not be found. Following this, I went to I followed the
instructions to download the bootstrapped database, but when I actually
tried to pull the database with the command:

mtn -d $DATABASE pull --set-default "im.pidgin.*"

I was given the following error

mtn: misuse: database /home/user/monotone_databases/ does not

I have monotone and mtn both installed and the unzip was successful. I'm at
a loss here as to why this happens, and this is preventing me from starting
my development at all. I would appreciate any pointers at all.


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