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Ethan Blanton elb at pidgin.im
Mon Sep 27 16:04:30 EDT 2010

Ivan Komarov spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Since I guess I'm technically a Crazy Patch Writer now (amirite?), I
> have a question. How do I go about pushing changes from my CPW branch
> to im.pidgin.pidgin (or im.pidgin.next.minor)? I guess in any case
> someone should review my code (preferably someone besides Mark ;))
> before merging, at least for the first few commits. How should I
> "request" a code review?

If a developer (any developer) signs off on it, feel free to push.
For trivial fixes, documentation changes, etc., go ahead and push if
you're confident the change is correct.

> And if I want to do something controversial (say, implement a patch to
> disable displaying groups in the buddy list), what should I do before
> that? Is it better to send a mail to devel@ for everyone to have a
> chance to reply to it, or is it enough to have a discussion in the
> devel@ conference room?

If it's mildly controversial ("I wouldn't do that, but it's OK if
someone else does" sort of stuff, mostly local changes, etc.), asking
in devel@ and getting a response or two is fine.  If it's very
controversial (like hiding groups in the buddy list probably is,
because it has subtle impact on a lot of functionality -- like, what
does dragging a buddy around with hidden groups mean?), an email is

Of course, you're welcome to write whatever you want without checking
with anybody, so long as you recognize that some things may never make
it into the official tree.  ;-)


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