A question about being CPW

Ivan Komarov ivan.komarov at dfyz.info
Mon Sep 27 13:15:34 EDT 2010


Since I guess I'm technically a Crazy Patch Writer now (amirite?), I
have a question. How do I go about pushing changes from my CPW branch
to im.pidgin.pidgin (or im.pidgin.next.minor)? I guess in any case
someone should review my code (preferably someone besides Mark ;))
before merging, at least for the first few commits. How should I
"request" a code review?

And if I want to do something controversial (say, implement a patch to
disable displaying groups in the buddy list), what should I do before
that? Is it better to send a mail to devel@ for everyone to have a
chance to reply to it, or is it enough to have a discussion in the
devel@ conference room?

Ivan Komarov

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