How to load all buddies list for the specific account

Aliaksandr Kazlou aliaksandr.kazlou at
Wed Sep 29 14:45:24 EDT 2010

Hello, Etan. 
Really the second, I'm trying to get buddies that are 
on the server list for an account, at least this one.
And no, there are no any buddies in my local blist.xml.
When I run nullclient.c, it prompts for the protocol to use 
(I select jabber), type my account, and password, 
so then process finally goes to signed_on() handler 
with my account connected to the server, and here I want 
to display (so load first) all my buddies from the server list. 
So, how can I do it? How can I download all my buddies from the server, 
which function/set of functions I need to use?

Many thanks to your reply.

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