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Peter Lawler bleeter at
Sat Dec 17 23:15:50 EST 2011

Thanks Luke. I thought about filing an RFE on Trac itself, but as I'm
recently returned, wasn't too sure whether I'd do that 'on the quiet' or
just simply re-sub to the devel@ list and say G'day to all.

For the record of this email list, I'm seriously considering becoming a
'retired Retired Crazy Patch Writer' to get some movement back on the
Privacy Rewrite front. I was going through some of the existing
'logging' and 'privacy' bugs (due to a problem with Pidgin-OTR and the
Guifications 'LastSeen' plugin,
) and I got to thinking some of the open ones should be closed because
they're multiple reports in one ticket. So although it's no big deal,
really, if I *do* offer to become rRCPW for Privacy, I'd really like it
in place as the first thing I'll do is go through all open tickets and
see which ones may be relevant and which ones I'd close because they
just do my head in ;)

Anyways, that's enough yapping from me for now. Take care, bloke.


On 13/12/11 10:14, Luke Schierer wrote:
> It appears that canned responses have to be manually added to the trace.ini file, including some workflow.  I'm reluctant to do this when I don't have the time to adequately test it.   I'll try to find some time if someone else doesn't step up first. 
> Luke
> On Dec 12, 2011, at 16:56 EST, Peter Lawler wrote:
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>> Hi!
>> Might I humbly suggest a new 'Canned Response' for Trac Bugs?
>> Something along the lines of:
>> "Please report each bug/RFE individually as multiple reports in one
>> ticket are difficult to track individually. See
>> section 'Trac Links' if
>> you wish to cross-reference individual bugs/RFEs"
>> I suggest the status of multiple bugs/RFEs in one ticket should be
>> marked as 'Closed/Invalid' (I've not used a canned response yet, but
>> looking at what's currently on the list I'm guessing there are
>> background tricks that a canned response causes status of a ticket to
>> change).
>> I'm looking through some reports at the moment with a view to wrapping
>> my brain about the bug/RFE I'm planning to work on but multiple bug/RFE
>> reports in one ticket are doing my head in. Suspect we could close a few
>> reports by implementing this policy and then waiting to see which
>> reports come back, thus indicating what some long standing reports the
>> OP really cares about.
>> Regards,
>> Pete.
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