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Mon Dec 12 18:14:09 EST 2011

It appears that canned responses have to be manually added to the trace.ini file, including some workflow.  I'm reluctant to do this when I don't have the time to adequately test it.   I'll try to find some time if someone else doesn't step up first. 


On Dec 12, 2011, at 16:56 EST, Peter Lawler wrote:

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> Hi!
> Might I humbly suggest a new 'Canned Response' for Trac Bugs?
> Something along the lines of:
> "Please report each bug/RFE individually as multiple reports in one
> ticket are difficult to track individually. See
> section 'Trac Links' if
> you wish to cross-reference individual bugs/RFEs"
> I suggest the status of multiple bugs/RFEs in one ticket should be
> marked as 'Closed/Invalid' (I've not used a canned response yet, but
> looking at what's currently on the list I'm guessing there are
> background tricks that a canned response causes status of a ticket to
> change).
> I'm looking through some reports at the moment with a view to wrapping
> my brain about the bug/RFE I'm planning to work on but multiple bug/RFE
> reports in one ticket are doing my head in. Suspect we could close a few
> reports by implementing this policy and then waiting to see which
> reports come back, thus indicating what some long standing reports the
> OP really cares about.
> Regards,
> Pete.
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