Moving to Hg without any analysis at all

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Feb 7 23:13:15 EST 2011

On 02/07/2011 08:13 PM, Luke Schierer wrote:
> My inbox shows 30+ emails on the topic, over more than 15 days.  The topic is introduced to the mailing list in a way that makes it clear to me that the discussion in fact started, no doubt in either irc or in the muc conference room, sometime prior to that.  I see participation from most if not all of the active developers, and even a few, like myself, who are inactive but still interested.

This discussion indeed started in the XMPP MUC.  I have expressed a desire to
move to hg since Gary and I moved to it on, which has been well
over a year ago.  By now it might actually be two years.  The general consensus
was always "yeah, it'd be nice," with the exception of Ethan, who was always in
favor, provided he did not have to do any of the work.  As Richard and I have
been doing most of the work (and at this point, Richard's contributions outweigh
mine), Ethan's completely off the hook there.

> I cannot accept that this is in any way a hurried or arbitrary decision.   If _any_ developer, cpw, or summer of code contributor felt that there was more to be discussed, concerns not yet considered, I am equally confident that any migration would not be considered final until some sort of consensus had been reached.

This is correct.  If you re-read some of my more prominent messages in the
thread, you'll see that I have on more than one occasion solicited opinions and
asked if there were objections.  At this point, my opinion is that if an active
or recent developer/CPW/SoC student felt there was a need for more discussion
but did not initiate it, it's their his damn fault and he can forever hold his

> That being said, I feel like the ballot we held _is_ a valid way of determining that a consensus _has_ been reached.  The balloting happened over the mailing list, or I'd not have known about it, and the mailing list cannot in any way shape or form be considered deciding in secret or in private.

I will grant that the last two votes I accepted (Eion and Kevin) were
communicated to me off-list.  In that respect, the voting wasn't completely
transparent.  However, I suspect that both individuals would willingly affirm
that they communicated pro-hg votes to me.


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