PKI and xmpp

Lucas Fisher lucas.fisher at
Wed Feb 16 20:05:34 EST 2011

I've been working on adding PKI support via gnutls. I have successfully 
authenticated with client certs/keys, but it is not exposed via a Purple API 
so certs and keys are just hard-coded. Modifying the API is the next task. I 
also need to add modificatiosn to the GUI to expose import/export of client 
certs/key and selecting a cert/key for each account.

I've been using the Openfire server for testing so I don't know how well it 
will work with other xmpp servers.


On Wednesday, February 16, 2011 07:51:44 pm Luke Schierer wrote:
> At work today, there was an announcement that in a few months the jabber
> server there will require users to use an x509 certificate to log in.  I
> know momentim supports this, but that UI sucks.  Has anyone looked into
> this?  Do any public jabber servers even have x509 as an authentication
> option?
> Luke
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