Pidgin boss and pidgin employees

Luiz Gustavo Sarubi Macchi (Gugui) gugui_sarubi_macchi at
Mon Jan 3 14:58:58 EST 2011

hi all,

the problem:

In my Company the employees has free access to chat with anyone in the 
world by Pidgin (MSN, ICQ etc) but  it´s reducing productivity !
so i want to limit it !

one solution:

i thought in a simple way to avoid or limit it hidding or disabling 
buttons on Pidgin like Add Contact, Create Account, etc creating 2 
pidgins exec
so if an employee wants to add some contact, it should ask a permission 
first... (only Clients of the Company should have permission...)

1 exec of pidgin like (boss) allowing to create account and add contacts
2 exec of pidgin like (users or employees) NOT allowing to create 
account and add contacts

I´m using Linux and downloaded pidgin´s source code and it´s so 
difficult to find the respectives files to change the status of these 
buttons before compilation !

anyone helps me with it ? what files should i change ?

thanks in advance


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