Message Receipts (delivery confirmations) ostinru at
Tue Jan 4 06:40:46 EST 2011

Pidgin & libpurple doesn't support Message Receipts. But I think it is
cool and usefull feature. It supports by many protocols & im-clients.

So I want to implement it =)

I found bugs #6940  #11521.
But I think that it is bad idea to implement this feature as plugin.

So, I want to implement someting like:

  add serv_got_delivery_confirmation(PurpleConnection *gc,
               const char *who, const guint32 *msg_id, time_t mtime);
  add signal "receiving-delivery-confirmation"

  implement XEP-0184

  implement qip-like delivery-status(mini-image before message)

It is possibe to add patch(if it will woks well & code not so bad =)) to
pidgin(2.8.0 or 3.0.0) main tree?

Any suggestions?

Regards and sorry for my English.

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