Time to Leave Monotone Behind?

Eion Robb eion at robbmob.com
Sat Jan 15 20:37:38 EST 2011

On 16 January 2011 11:11, Nader Morshed <morshed.nader at gmail.com> wrote:
> For what it's worth, I would also put my support behind Mercurial. Git
> on Windows, while getting better, has a bit of a segmented
> development effort between its Cygwin and MSYS ports.
> It also doesn't really compare to Mercurial, which I personally feel is
> packaged and managed a lot better. Mercurial also comes with a stable
> and well supported GUI, TortoiseHg.

There's also TortoiseGit, so the Windows side of things shouldn't make
a difference.  Not that many Pidgin developers developing on

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