Time to Leave Monotone Behind?

Kevin Stange kstange at pidgin.im
Wed Jan 19 03:00:21 EST 2011

On 01/19/2011 01:16 AM, John Bailey wrote:
<snip statistics of which I have not reviewed the accuracy>
> Is this accurate?  And would anyone else like to weigh in on this?  Based solely
> on what's been posted here on the list, it's feeling like more or less a draw,
> with the benefit to Adium and Instantbird pushing toward hg somewhat.

This is more or less just a noisy no-op, but I have no particular
objection to either and don't use the tools enough recently that my
opinion is important to this discussion. :)

I have used not used hg at all, and I have used git very little.  My
experience with git was not unpleasant, though I am not terribly fond of
browsing git repos via gitweb.


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