How to get ICQ user infos as a char value?

Maximilian Gerhard maxbox at
Fri Jan 28 21:52:40 EST 2011


I tried
char *user_info = purple_account_get_user_info(account);
but it always returns null.

How do I get the user information via libpurple as a char value?

Here is a screenshot of these informations, that everybody could call 
via right click on an ICQ buddy, first entry "Get info".

Here is the background for my question:
I use Pidgin as my main IM-Client and I am happy with it. But there is 
one thing that is really annoying. I receive a lot of authentication 
requests from spam bots on the ICQ protocol.

I use Pidgin-Privacy-Please plugin to stop spam bots but there is only 
an option to block all auth request from ICQ/Oscar. That would be to much.

Now I want to extend this plugin to filter auth requests with a RegEx. 
The user informations from this spam bots contain very often urls from I guess no real user would use a tinyurl link to his/her 
website. So this could be a very good filter item.


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