What to do with the gobjectification branch

Mark Doliner mark at kingant.net
Sun Mar 20 21:05:10 EDT 2011

Some facts:
* We have a branch called im.pidgin.gobjectification
* It contains lots of changes to make some of our internal data
structures gobjects
* Propagating changes from im.pidgin.pidgin and
im.pidgin.pidgin.next.major to im.pidgin.gobjectification frequently
causes merge conflicts that require manual intervention
* Manual intervention while merging isn't a serve problem, but it IS

Does everyone agree on the above points?

The problem I have is that:
1. I want to start making large changes to im.pidgin.pidgin.next.major
because I like forward progress
2. I want to avoid making large changes to im.pidgin.pidgin.next.major
because it will cause merge conflicts with the gobjectification branch

How do we resolve this problem?  It seems like we should either merge
the gobjectification branch into next.major now, or we should go ahead
with making large changes to next.major and disregard any merge
problems that might arise propagating to the gobjectification branch.


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