Clickable links API

Andrew Victor at
Thu Mar 31 15:31:05 EDT 2011

hi Kevin,

> Doing this might be simpler... just rework
> purple_got_protocol_handler_uri() to be called first by gtkhtml and if
> the signal is not absorbed by a signal handler, then fall back to UI
> specific external handling such as is done with
> gtk_imhtml_class_register_protocol()
> At this point, each plugin would be tasked with figuring out whether the
> URI belongs to it instead of having libpurple make the decision, which
> is how it works presently for the external invocation.
> This would be more consistent with current behavior.

That would work for keeping the click-handling internal to Pidgin/libpurple.
You'd still not easily have the reference information like which
session or conversation the link was clicked in.
For MXit we'd still need to encode that data in the URL.
  eg, mxitlink://account-name|connection-name|who|link-data

But it's still a cleaner solution than overriding PurpleNotifyUiOps.

  Andrew Victor

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