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> Hello all,

Hello Patrick,

> I have the intention to write a daemon/server capable of forwarding
> libpurple-sessions over the net. Those sessions should be accessible
> (add accounts, retrieve contacs, send message, whatever one wants to
> do) to clients which are able to authenticate to the server. As I
> have recently spotted, a similar idea is listed as GSoC project [1]
> (libpurple detachable sessions). Is anybody interested in this
> project who could mentor me/contribute some code/provide help? This
> would be out of scope of the GSoC.

Not only this idea is listed in the future GSOC projects page, but this
was also my project as a GSOC student, last year [1]. I think the reason
it’s still there is because I didn’t complete it. Since the end of last
year’s summer, no further work has been done, but I plan to get back on
it this summer. Or maybe a little bit sooner; if you’re willing to work
on this now, I’d manage to get some time to help you out. Feel free to
poke me on the devel MUC or mail me directly.


		-- gillux
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